The “ex-gay” man behind the Texas GOP’s reparative therapy plank wants to hear from you

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The other day I identified the author of the Texas GOP’s reparative therapy plank as Jeremy Schwab.

Schwab, a marketing executive and actor from Dallas, is the founder of an ex-gay ministry called Joel 2:25 International.

In response to my post, which featured a shirtless photo from his IMDb acting profile, Schwab wrote the following on Lone Star Q’s Facebook page (screen grab above):

“This picture was taken about 7 years ago. It was BEFORE I came back to the Lord. I do not pose for pictures like this anyone for a variety of reasons – including the sin of vanity. Also though, (as some have pointed out). I think in some ways food replaced sexual sin for me and now I can’t even get into my OWN pants. Anyway, I pray that you all have a blessed day. I usually don’t see this facebook page, but if you’d like to dialogue more about this platform plank and this significance in plays in protecting freedom of conscience for ALL – especially for many youth who consciously CHOOSE (of their own accord) to benefit from Reparative Therapy and other forms of emotional healing, please email me directly at:”

According to Rob Schlein, former president of Log Cabin Republicans of Dallas, Schwab was a member of the group before becoming ex-gay.

“He was in LCR for a time and even attended a party at my house with boyfriend,” Schlein wrote.

Log Cabin Republican is one of the groups that fought the reparative therapy plank.

Schwab claims he became ex-gay in 2009. However, in comments on the blog of former ex-gay leader Warren Throckmorton, Schwab admitted to having gay sex more than a year later:


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Schwab lives in Dallas, so all you chubby-chasers may want to keep an eye out for him on hookup sites and at the bathhouses.

Also, we just thought of a good follow-up question for Gov. Rick Perry, who recently compared homosexuality to alcoholism: Mr. governor, do you believe it’s possible for people to eat their way out of being gay?