Cactus Canyon in Victoria accused of kicking out gay couple for second time in two years

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For the second time in two years, gay customers are alleging they were kicked out of the same bar in South Texas because of their sexual orientation.

In 2011, three women said they were kicked out of the Cactus Canyon in Victoria by an employee who told them, “This is a country western bar, not a gay bar.” Two of the women reportedly had been holding hands.

Now, a gay couple says they were kicked out of the Cactus Canyon on Saturday night for dancing together.

Justin Meyer and James Douglas were also issued a trespassing warning, according to

“He told me they have a policy that states that they don’t allow males to dance with males to country songs. I said just country, and he said yes,” Douglas said.

A spokesman for Cactus Canyon confirmed that the bar has a policy prohibiting men from dancing together.

“For many decades it’s acceptable for women to dance together in all kind of clubs. But it’s not acceptable for men to dance together in the type of business that we run,” said Roger Gearhart.

The couple is seeking an apology from the bar. When the women who were kicked out in 2011 called police to file a complaint they were told the bar has the right to refuse service. There is no state or federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in public accommodations.

Watch a report from WOAI below.