Houston Mayor Annise Parker calls Phil Robertson a ‘redneck wingnut’ whose views are ‘completely irrelevant’


This afternoon I had the privilege of conducting a phone interview with Houston Mayor Annise Parker. I’ll have a full report on the interview soon, but I wanted to go ahead and share this little teaser. Naturally, I couldn’t resist asking Parker — the nation’s first openly gay big-city mayor — what she thinks about the Phil Robertson “Duck Dynasty” controversy.

“I have never watched ‘Duck Dynasty,’ so I don’t think about it much at all,” Parker responded. “I’ve been a gay community activist since the mid-70s. It was a very different time. We were fighting to keep people out of jails and mental hospitals. What some redneck wingnut has to say about the GLBT community is completely irrelevant.”

Now tell us how you really feel, mayor.