TX judge tells same-sex marriage opponents to ‘go back and read their Constitution again’

John Lipscombe and his wife, retired Judge Jan Breland

Judge John Lipscombe and his wife, retired Judge Jan Breland (Via KVUE)

I completely missed this in my roundup of Valentine’s Day marriage-equality actions across Texas, but it’s definitely worth a look.

KVUE reports that Travis County Judge John Lipscombe and his wife, retired Judge Jan Breland, invited same-sex couples to participate in commitment ceremonies on Friday. Although no same-sex couples showed up, the invite really pissed off Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, one of the four whacko Republican candidates who are running as far to the right as possible in the race for lieutenant governor.

Staples, a former state senator who authored Texas’ constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, reportedly was so upset that he had one of his staffers call Breland at home. He also released this statement:

“As the sponsor of the constitutional amendment defining marriage in Texas as between one man [and] one woman, I believe it’s wrong for a sitting judge to hold a ceremony mocking our state constitution,” Staples said. “It is the responsibility of our judges to uphold the rule of law and every Texan should be upset with this clear attempt to use their trusted position as a seat for activism. This issue has been decided by 76 percent of Texas voters who stood with me in protecting traditional family values.”

Judge Lipscombe reponded as follows:

“As a sitting judge, I can’t comment on the law itself,” Lipscombe said. “But I will say that federal courts recently have held those laws in other states to be unconstitutional, I think, partially under the 14th Amendment. So, before they have such a blistering attack, I would invite them to go back and read their Constitution again.”

Watch KVUE’s report below.