WATCH: Hundreds lose assistance for HIV/AIDS treatment in Fort Worth

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Hundreds of people with HIV/AIDS in Tarrant County will no longer receive financial assistance with their co-pays, lab bills and deductibles.

Fort Worth’s AIDS Outreach Center has temporarily eliminated the funding for approximately 374 patients so that it can assist people who signed up under the Affordable Care Act with their insurance premiums.

About 24 new people have asked for help with insurance premiums, and the AIDS Outreach Center hasn’t received any additional funds for the program, which was also used for copays, lab bills and deductibles.

Christopher Darwin, one of the AOC clients who lost his copay assistance, told WFAA: “People are going to have to make a decision on whether you’re gonna buy food or you’re gonna buy medication. And you don’t want people getting sicker.”

The local HIV/AIDS planning council was scheduled to discuss the issue further on Friday afternoon.

Watch WFAA’s report below.